Thursday, 1 August 2013

Indian Liturgicals

Another round of beautiful vestments has arrived!  This time, it was an order from Catholic Liturgicals of Chennai, India.  They were shipped on Monday, and by this morning at 9:20, they were at my door.  Across the world in three days; even the second time, I am still very impressed!

Contained within: a lace alb, black maniple, green stole, and two white chalice veils and burses.

As you can see: alb, maniple, stole and . . . one chalice veil and burse.  Oops.  Hope to be able to resolve that, but the items which did arrive are very beautiful, and very nice quality!

You might ask, "What do you need all of these random items for?"  To which I would reply, "Why are you using a dangling preposition?"  But looking past your grammatical fault, I would then explain that the items, similar to the previous order, are for various churches of the area which requested them.
Mass heard: 08:00, Blessed Sacrament; 17:15, St. Francis Xavier
Datum S. Ludovici, die XVI mensis Augusti, in festo S. Zephirini Papae et Martyris, anno MMXIII.

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