Thursday, 16 May 2013

Polish Liturgicals

Day two provides me with yet more material to discuss!

For some time I have been accumulating a list of liturgicals to purchase, and on Sunday I finally went ahead and ordered some of them.  In quest of good quality and low prices I went internationally and ordered some beautiful liturgicals from Ars Sacra of Demlin, Poland.  On Tuesday morning, they had been shipped.

Now, two days later at 11:50, a Polish package shows up on my doorstep.  In two days the package made its way from Poland, through Germany, to my doorstep.  My compliments to DHL for their super-efficient shipping!

Contained within: a biretta, two sets of altar linens, and a vestment bag.

Beautifully embroidered!

I have ordered from this company in the past, and they certainly have my recommendation!

Other than that, not too much of liturgical interest to report today.  I did not even get to ring the bells, or serve!  (I was about to do the latter, but then some students from the school were recruited in my place.)

Oh yeah.  I did graduate from my old college tonight, though . . . again!  (Two degrees, two ceremonies.)


Mass heard: 08:35, St. Clare of Assisi
Serving streak: 0 days

Datum S. Ludovici, die XVI mensis Maii, in festo S. Ubaldi Episcopi Confessoris, anno MMXIII.

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